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Hi stevie J here. well what can I say, I’ve been a DJ for over 40 years, started at school disco, built my party sound called Black star. That sound did well till the late nineties, then started doing, own thing like weddings, funerals, night clubs etc. Had an invitation to take my music to the next level, so became a radio presenter for to do a breakfast show, Saturday morning that became very successful, “FEEL THE LOVE SHOW”. In less than a year, so was offered another slot which I took. So the “STEVIE J UK CHART SHOW” became what it is from 1st Jan 2018. Tuesday 11am till 1pm, now on many stations live, and the re-runs from Wednesday till Sunday in the UK and around the world wowww…So to the present day it keeps growing. With artist like: Sandra Cross, Michael Gordon, Barry Boom, down to new artist Robbie Levi, Major Popular, Momo-Watt only to name a few, too much to mention…..truss.. but the chart consists of UK artist, with a flavour of Lovers rock, Gospel, Rnb, rub a dub, Roots to mention a few styles. seriously I would like to thank all the public, Artist, Producers, Artist managers Radio stations, for the continued support, bless you all…….!
Stevie J