Deeplomatikk Radio


From The Streets To The Underground

Owner, Radio Jockey

Dj Field has been in the music business for 34 years  . It all started in 1989 with sound system called Dub Invaders in Bulawayo Zimbabwe where Field was their MC (Mic Chanter) . The Sound system specialised in underground reggae music , and Dub music was the sound system’s main genre . Dub is the xray side of reggae music , all instrumental no vocals but with added effects and reverb by the Engineers like Scientist Overton Brown who is the main influence in Field’s music career .

Field became one of the Top Mcs in Bulawayo and there was even a talk of him releasing an album , but the economic problems in Zimbabwe prevented that happening . So in 1993 Field decided to come to England to pursue his music career . And in 1994 he developed an interest to become a club dj while still combining it with his role as an MC .

1994 was exciting as Jungle music had become very popular in underground scene . Field started collecting Jungle , reggae , dub and house music which he will play at parties in around London . His ambition to continue being an MC was still on Field’s plans but the lure of the turntables just took over and he then devoted all his time as a Dj .

Field moved with times as new music genres emerged , but the genre that stayed with him through out this change was House Music and by that time a new cousin of house had emerged called speed garage . Speed garage borrowed its name from USA  Garage which emerged in the 1980s alongside House music , which for all that know the music was the same as house music , only difference being that House was played in the Warehouse and Garage was played at a venue called Garage .

As year 2000 approached  another sub genre of House called “DEEP HOUSE ” reemerged . Many garage producers started producing this genre and it became the sought after in the underground scene . A genre DJ FIELD fell in love with and started pushing from then onwards till now .

2005 mixtapes from SOUTH AFRICA started hitting the British Scene , mixes from the likes of Vinny Da Vinci , DJ MBUSO  . DJ FIELD was among the djs to spread the word about the talent coming out of SOUTH AFRICA .

It was at this time that him and his cousin created a crew called KASILUV . The main aim of this crew was to host HOUSE events and to spread the SOUTH AFRICAN HOUSE  sound to the British . This was a success and the creation of KASILUV has seen the emergence of new HOUSE crews  and the sound of SOUTH AFRICAN HOUSE has  spread all over uk .

Dj Field has shared stages with the likes of DJ FRESH , BLACK COFFEE , GLEN LEWIS , CULOE DE SONG , OSKIDO , DJ CHYNAMAN , BODDI SATVA, DJ CLOCK who are well known house producers from South Africa .

8 years ago DJ FIELD created a radio station mainly to cater for HOUSE MUSIC which he called DEEPLOMATIKK RADIO . Early days were tough running a radio station . But with time the station grew and many djs and presenters joined . As a result more genres have been added . The station continues to grow from strength to strength . He also has worked with 2 other radio stations as a presenter namely Drums Radio for nearly 3 years and Inspiration Fm for 2 years . This year mid 2020 he decided to take a break from these stations which he remains in good relationship with  , to concentrate on growing Deeplomatikk Radio .

Field  attended college to learn music production and he continues to be the sought after DJ in the clubs and private parties . You can catch FIELD’s radio shows  Deeply Rooted  every Sunday 2pm UK time on Deeplomatikk Radio . Also catch him interviewing top artists and producers in the House Music , Afro House and Reggae Music on his show Producer’s Corner Thursdays 6pm uk time . He has also 1hr show dedicated to Unsigned Acts which airs Fridays 3pm uk time .

Dj Field has played in different venues in UK and Wales including Boat Cruises , Aston University Birmingham , Derby University , Jazz Cafe London , Kaya Festival Wales , Zim Festival just to name a few . His latest gig was at POW in Brixton London and Nomad London .

Field’s set is all about Deep House , Afro House , Deep Tech House , Tech House , Techno , Afro Tech , Deep Soulful House . His  sets always set the crowd alight .